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We believe credit should be easily accessible to people.

We believe credit should be easily accessible to everyone.
Panda Africa is a licensed financial institution that provides equitable capital to enterprises and individuals across Zambia. By embracing technological innovation and social impact the Zambian-owned enterprise has established itself as an emerging leader for and by the Zambian people. 

Our mandate is to make financing accessible and affordable across Zambia. Enabling the economic mobility and freedom of all Zambians.

What We Offer

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Auto Collateral Loans

Do you own a vehicle? Require a loan? We've got you sorted. Obtain a budget-friendly loan using your car as collateral, minus the hassle of parking. Benefit from swift loan processing and disbursement with our auto collateral loan offerings.

Auto Collateral Loans
Order Finance Loans

Are you a supplier of goods and/or services to reputable government and non-government institutions? Do you have aAre you a supplier of goods and/or services to esteemed government and non-government organizations? Facing a shortfall in funds to fulfill a sizable order? Look no further. We provide tailored financing solutions to businesses, enabling them to meet their orders while enhancing working capital and cash flow.
Our expertise extends to collaborating with SMEs across various sectors, including government contractors, Non-Governmental Organizations, and beyond. large order you need to satisfy but short on funds? We have you covered.

Order Finance Loans
Salary Advance & MoU Loans

Finding yourself in need before payday? Dealing with an urgent situation that can't wait? Take advantage of our short-term salary advance loans, hassle-free and without collateral! Additionally, we extend Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) to private organizations, granting their employees access to our loan services for added convenience.

Salary Advance & MoU Loans
Civil Servant Loans

Are you a civil servant in Zambia seeking a short-term or long-term loan for personal expenses? Apply for your loan from the convenience of your home. Simply dial *494*100# now.

Civil Servant Loans
Poultry Agric Financing

Are you experienced in broiler production? Look no further than our Poultry-Agric financing! We support small-scale full-time farmers in broiler production with a minimum capacity of 1,000 birds. Our services encompass essential raw materials like feed, chick vaccines, and tailored technical assistance, facilitating smooth management of our clients' poultry enterprises.

Poultry Agric Loans
Asset Financing

Unlock your dreams with our Asset Financing Loans! Shop at your favourite stores for building materials, furniture, and more, while we foot the bill upfront. Repay with ease through manageable instalments. Your aspirations, our support.

Asset Financing

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Our application process is precise and timely.

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"Panda offers the best deals on the motor vehicle collateral-based loans. They have the best interest rates in town I can assure you. What makes theirs loans even better is that you get to keep your vehicle!"
Lusaka-based Businessman
"I was very impressed with the quick service delivery on the salary advance product. My application was processed quickly and I had the funds within a few hours. Plus Panda has the lowest interest rates. They offer a great deal!"
Government Employee

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