To celebrate women’s month, Panda Africa held a competition aimed at supporting one female entrepreneur with a capital injection of K10,000. It is impressive to see how many brilliant and diverse proposals were brought forth, the future is indeed female. The response from our female entrepreneurs was overwhelmingly exciting and the selection process was a tough one, so much so we decided every participant will walk away with a K1,000.

We are thrilled to announce Mary Mwiya as the winner for their innovative approach and strong potential for success. Mary is a 21 year old female pursing a qualification in Nursing and is based in Senanga, Western Province. She is a pig farmer with a total of 10 pigs which she sells to Meat-Chop vendors in her town.

Mary wishes to expand her clientele by opening a small butchery that will serve a wider base of pork lovers in her town, with quality and tasty meat. In her proposal, Ms. Mwiya outlined that all she lacked at the moment was capital to purchase the necessary equipment needed for her to operate her butchery such as a fridge, scale and butcher. She also reiterated that she had already identified premises in which she would conduct her business after obtaining all the necessary permits from her local authority.

As Panda Africa, we are delighted to award the K10,000 to Mary as she embarks on this exciting journey. We believe in women empowerment and we will continue to support women and youth empowerment initiatives. Congratulations to Ms. Mwiya and we wish her all the best.